How to Write an Essay in History

Writing a paper can be a tricky challenge, especially for those who don't practice the craft of writing regularly. A history paper can be even more difficult as it requires a lot of effort. History papers should be based on extensive research, reliable sources, interesting topic, and cohesive execution. You don't want your paper to be a list of dry historic facts. Though, you also don't want it to be too much on the fictional side. You need to keep a perfect balance between artistic form, interesting context, and reliability. Such work can be a lot of pressure. Not everyone can handle it. Hopefully, after learning about these few simple tips, writing a history paper will no longer be a problem for you.

Love what you write

First and foremost, you must have some interest in what you are writing. Your history essay will look blunt and boring if you fail to add some passion of yours into this work. You gonna spend a good amount of time with your paper, so better find a topic that is interesting and exciting to you. To be curious about the things you write is already being halfway to a high grade. Our suggestion here is to take some of your interests, whether it is women's rights, food, art, etc., and to incorporate them into the time period you are writing your paper.


Sometimes, the best way to conduct historical research is to look for inspiration. Depending on the time period you are writing about, you can have different ways to obtain needed information. If it's a paper on modern history you may search for witnesses or even participants of the events you are writing about. People can serve you with a great source of information. They also can turn your assignment into a more personal and unique project, where you get the chance to speak with elderly members of your community. If your essay about an event that is long gone, you can search for diaries, autobiographies, and memoirs of people who live in those time periods. This can also give you a better understanding of the time you are writing about. In addition, it is always a good choice to learn about historical events from the perspective of people who lived through them. Also, remember, in your research, you should always rely only on credible sources. Avoid any stories of conspiracies or rumors unless you can find academic references, proving those claims.


A great way to proofread your paper is to ask someone else to read. After long hours of working on your essay, you get attached to it. It becomes difficult to spot small errors and imperfections throughout the text. Moreover, you may become too emotionally involved in your text, which leads to showing signs of biases or judgmental behavior. This doesn't do any good for a solid college paper writing. Instead, share the paper with people you trust and ask them for their honest opinion. Also, don’t forget that putting your thoughts in order is crucial for having a comprehensive text. You may have a great idea but it doesn’t worth much without strong execution.


We hope you have found some comfort in our brief guide on history essay writing. Just remember, it is all about having fun in the process. Don't take it too seriously, even if your topic is. You’ll know your paper is great when you yourself enjoy writing and reading it. Good luck!